Monday, February 20, 2012

Zipper Broke

Story of my life. My jeans won’t hold my not-so-tiny tummy in anymore. This morning on my way to work I felt a sudden release right on my belly. And something started moving along down from my belly button, even letting my fat fall free now. My hand runs to my jeans and oh! the stupid zipper broke! What an idiot! I’m already on my way, out on the street, in the crowd. Thank God it’s freezing today, which means I’m wearing possible five layers of clothing, giving my zipper area plenty of protection. I hold on to my coat tight like my life depends on it. 

The problem is I have to take it off once I get to work. I work in a small office with only four people to witness my shame. Oh what a shame! I get on the bus almost sure everyone is staring and pointing at me. Then it hits me, I’m wearing the last pants that still fits me. Oh yeah! Wait, I have another pair that’s meant for summer. Could I wear that tomorrow? Would I freeze to death? I started imagining a full hour of trying a whole box of jeans on that won’t fit me anymore or didn’t ever to be begin with. I’m not looking forward to that, once again. I make it to work almost shaking of stress. Take my coat off, run to the bathroom. The zipper is ugly and it’s stupid and I hate it. But you can’t really tell anything is going on under my oversized Bart Simpson sweatshirt. Thank you Bart. Me love you.

Turns out I have one pair of jeans barely fitting, although I must say it’s a pain to get in and stay in. I gave to broken zipper jeans to a tailor, who I hope will fix it. Otherwise I’m gonna cry, cus there is no way I can lose enough weight to get in a smaller size in just one or two days. If I could I guess I would. But I gotta anyhow. Not in one day obviously. But gotta lose some and along the way gotta learn how to take care of myself. I suppose I’ll learn to take care of my husband, too. I’m a newly wed, who loves her job, but still don’t enjoy working. Go figure. I’m a real lazy girl. Not exactly trying to change, but let’s say improve! Good luck to me.

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sheri leach said...

I wish you the best of luck. I know that feeling all too well. I've always struggled with my weight and with body image issues. I'm 5'1" so if I gain 5 lbs it looks like 15. My biggest problem is making excuses. I always find SOMETHING to hinder the daily exercise process. It just can't be that way. It has to be a consistent thing or it simply won't work! Good luck to you! You can always find the time if you reeeeeeeally want it! :)

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